Between Salt Lake And Green River

Don’t ask me where, but somewhere in between there (between Salt Lake City and Green River).  Yup, Utah again, folks! 

My first day at work – AWESOME!  😉  Dental appointment, etc. and finally home at 7:00pm.  So tired, so posting one pic, eating supper, helping Hallie with homework, studying, gonna visit a few peeps, and then visit the others in the mornin’.  *hug*

Love ya!  😉



Can You Come Out And Play?

Alyson over at sent me this challenge and I thought it looked like fun, so I’m playing along.  I hope you will, too.  😉


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  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about him/herself on their blog.
  • Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • Choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.
  • Let each blogger know that you have tagged them.

So here goes:

11 things about myself:

1.  I have moved about twenty-two times, lived in about thirteen different cities, and lived in five different states, visited one other country, and only lived in the USA.
2.  One breed of dog I’ve always wanted in my family is a border collie, but haven’t had one, yet, although I’ve befriended a couple.
3.  I may be a southern girl, but I hope to one day live further north, closer to the mountains again and with snow in the winters.  LOVE rocks and mountains and snow!
4.  One of my favorite flowers is gladiolus.
5.  To hear crickets chirping at night is music to my ears.
6.  I so enjoy waking to the sound of the rooster crowing across the road or birds singing out my window, and not my alarm clock!
7.  I love waking to my baby kissing me, although I’m usually the first one up.
8.  My favourite color is green.
9.  I am my own worst enemy.  See self sabotage.
10. One of my favorite things is taking pictures.
11. Writing is one of my favorite things when I’m not busy sabotaging my efforts.

Here are the questions I was asked: (with my answers)

1. What do you enjoy about blogging?  Many things.  I feel I can be myself, just silly ole me, express myself, and share my soul (a little or a lot, depending on my mood), perhaps because I love writing, typing, photography, and making new friends with like-minded people who share some of my same interests.  It’s just nice to find folks who have things in common with you, share some of your same feelings, and are so supportive and caring.  It makes the world seem a little smaller.  And it’s nice to know you’re never alone.  There are many interesting people out there and I’ve met a few in the blogging community, who now I’m blessed to call friends.
2. What is the last website you bookmarked?  Seriously?  Okay, you asked. = Mudroom Locker Systems (got to have options)
3. What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?  Chocolate!!! 
4. What is the ringer sound on your mobile phone?  Firefly by Owl City
5. Who is the celebrity you would most like to meet and why?  Ian Somerhalder.  Just to look into those beautiful blues and smooch those delicious lips of his.  Oh my!  Excuse me while I wipe off the drool.  😉  He makes me swoon!  Hey, a girl can dream, right?
6. If you could have lived during another time in history, what time would that have been and why?  The days that Jesus walked the Earth.  To have met Him, to have touched Him, to have known Him on a more personal level – how awesome would that have been?!  Although, I’m happy to live in this time in history, too.  I actually wouldn’t change a thing.
7. What would be your favorite gift to receive?  Well, I received my favorite gift yesterday = A job!  So, now, it would be a Canon EOS 5D Mark II – awesomist camera in the whole stinkin’ world!  
8. How many hours per day do you spend on the computer?  Wow, tough one.  An hour to blog, an hour to check on my friends’ blogs, an hour or two to write?  So maybe anywhere from two to four hours?  Unless it’s been an extremely eventful day, in which case, I’d have to say ten to fifteen minutes, like last night.
9. What would be your favorite meal in a restaurant?  Easy one.  Chicken Picatta.  Love it!  Oh, unless it’s Saltgrass Steakhouse, which then, of course, would be their fine filet with either garlic butter or blue cheese butter, house salad with their homemade blue cheese dressing and homemade croutons, and their awesome cheesecake!!  Again, excuse me as I wipe the drool from my chin.  ;)’  Saltgrass is the best restaurant EVER!
10. If you had to describe your blog in six words – what would they be?  Finding beauty, self-expression, making friends.
11. What book have you read recently that you would recommend to others?  Have read a few, but the best, by far, that still resonates within my soul, is The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  (It sort of makes the Bible more user-friendly.)

And here are the blogs I am tagging – Some of these bloggers, I’ve come to know and am blessed to call friends.  Some of you are new to me and I’d like to get to know you better. 

1.  in tuit

2.  Colline’s Blog

3.  Gerry’s Space

4.  Sonel’s Corner  (yes, I know you tagged me with another one)  😉  Please don’t shoot me…with that rubber band!?  (I’ll let you get by with just answering the questions, k?  And telling us 11 random things about yourself?)

5.  Living Life in Glorious Colour

6.  Makes me Wander

7.  Stopping the Wind

8.  Project 365 Challenge

9.  Hearing His Voice

10.  Wise Counsel

11.   Writing From The Edge

And here are their questions:

1.  What is one of your favorite memories as a child (from infancy to about age twelve, or as early as you can remember)?
2.  What gives you peace, rest and calmness?
3.  If you could change anything about your past, would you, what would it be, and why would you change it?
4.  What three things give you the most happiness in your life today (can be anything, actions, people, etc. – can be more than three)?
5.  If you could go anywhere in the world to visit or vacation, where would that be?
6.  If you could have any gift, what would it be?
7.  What is your favorite type of movie (comedy, romance, action, drama, family, horror, tear-jerker, etc.)?
8.  If you had a free day to do anything you wanted within that 24 hours, what would you do?
9.  What’s your favorite?  Sweet or salty?
10.  If you could describe yourself or your blog with 11 words, what would they be (separate words, a sentence, phrases, poem, etc.)?
11.  If you could give a message that would reach every person around the globe, what message would that be (this can be as short or long as you wish)?

Have fun!

And have an awesomely beautiful day, y’all!  *hug*

Jumping For Joy!!!

Ok, so it’s not a picture of anyone jumping for joy but if I enjoyed being in front of the cam, I’d have Hallie get snappy and capture me on film.  Since I’m not in my comfort zone there, I’ll just type about my jumping.  😉

I got myself a job today, y’all!  Awesome!  Stellar!  Groovy!  Tripindicular!  I’m so happy.  Hallie’s so happy.  Mama’s so happy.  My chums around here are…you guessed it…so happy.  I just wanted to thank the Good Lord above for all He does for us every day, for wonderful family who loves me no matter what, and for awesome friends like you that are there for me, who said some prayers, crossed your fingers and your toes.  I am truly thankful and very blessed!  Thanks, y’all!

And I know I’ve been slackin’ lately.  I promise to make more time to do what’s important to me, and improving my blogging skills, keeping in touch, checkin’ on my peeps, spending more time takin’ pictures.  I’m plannin’ on gettin’ up early from now on to make some time for some of these things.

I love you guys!  Y’all have yourselves a beautiful day or lovely evening, depending on where you are.  I’m about to close it down for the day, and chill with my little chicklet for just a little while before we turn in.



Somewhere in Utah

Ok, I’m worthless, I know.  I have like five minutes of computer time today.  Too much to do the last couple of days.  So, here’s just a couple of shots.  More from the July 2010 Roadtrip…  Somewhere in Utah.  😉 

I’ll try to do better tomorrow.  😉

Yea!  I posted!


Sunday Post: Landscape

Ah, one of my favorites!  Hope y’all enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Somewhere in Montana (July 6, 2010).  I think the mountains look animated in some of these shots.  This is basically the same scene, just different perspectives?

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots and interpretations, the 2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post is led by Jake:

Oh, and Day 57 of Project 366.

G’ night, y’all!  *hug*

-Carol  😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Indulge in the beauty that surrounds you every single day.

The sky is God’s canvas
He is a Master Artist. The Master Artist.
The Dude is a Genius! And I cannot get enough of His Art.

Not just about the art of the sky, which is awesome and spectacular and one of my favorite things about life. It’s also about the beauty that God creates when he crafts the trees, the flowers, the grass, the creatures that walk, climb, slither, crawl, jump and fly. And the beauty of the human spirit. He really does know what He’s doing.

Ok, y’all, I was walking around last night and got snappy, because, as you can see, the sky is just breathtaking. At least, it took my breath away. I put all these pics in backwards, from last to first, but oh well. I’ve had a very activity-filled day, running around, getting things done, having fun, and now, I’m crashin’ on the couch with my babe, watching a movie, so I’m outta here. Just wanted to get this in so y’all could share in the beauty of the day, or evening, wherever you are. Everyone needs beauty in their life every day. The sky gives me peace and awe and inspiration. What sorts of things give you these feelings?

Hey, I love you guys, and I hope y’all have a breathtakingly beautiful day or evening, or whatever time zone you happen to be in wherever you are. *big squishy hug*

-Carol 😉

Enjoy the view…

Introducing Princess Carlotta

Actually, her name is Carlie, and I don’t believe you’ve met her, yet.  I think I’ve introduced you to everyone but her and Moonlight, and ML’s a beta. 

We adopted Carlie and Sammy (litter mates/ brother and sister) seven years ago.  Jet black, I called ’em my little panther babies.  Sammy didn’t appreciate my remodeling and repainting inside the house and moved away, but he occasionally visits to let us know he’s doing alright, then promptly leaves again for a few more months.

Lemme tell ya about Carlie.  She thinks she is a princess, she should be spoiled and spoon fed, she should be given a rub down 24/7, be given treats several times daily, and she just thinks she’s Miss Thang.  You should see her when she’s walking passed Buddy’s kennel. 

Oh, ya know, she’s walkin’ along, minding her own business, then she spots him, and he’s checkin’ her out, and then she hikes up her butt in the air, walks on her tippy toes, and shakes her bootie at him, as if to say, “Look at me.  I am free.  Ha ha hee.  And you are in doggie prison!”  Ya think I’m kiddin’?  I’m serious!  The girl is hateful. 

See, we got Carlie and Sammy a year before we got Buddy and Tiger, so Carlie is a complete snob when it comes to dogs.  She’s thinks she’s better.  While Tiger was adopted not long after we adopted Buddy, so they are brothers and best buds.  Picture big 8 week old puppy and leeetle teeeensy 4 week kitten playing velcro face, and you can see Buddy and Tiger playing together as babies.  (Just let me know if you need me to explain ‘velcro face’.)  They still adore each other.  I’ll look for their baby pictures and perhaps post those another time.  But, this post is about Carlie, so back to her. 

Anyway, she’s really spoiled and she’s actually quite loving…  toward us, but not so much toward the other furbabies.  Tiger is a bully and he whoops her butt pretty much on a daily basis.  She does NOT appreciate being pinned down to the ground, hence her being a princess and all.  The GAWL!  Snoody to dogs everywhere.  But very loving, sweet and affectionate toward us humans.  That’s more than I can say for Tiger.  You’ve read about his homicidal tendencies, right?

Just really funny to be looking out the window, watching Carlie mosying along, then coming close to Buddy’s pen, and changing her walk into a prance.  “La-tee-da!”  Yup, she’s a brat.  😉  But we love her anyway.

Y’all have a beautiful day!  *hug*

– Carol  😉

Natural Beauty

There is just something about the natural beauty of a child.  Such innocence.   Pure.  Wholesome.  Before the lip gloss.  Before the mascara.  Shweeet freckles.  😉

Not only natural beauty of a child, but taking time to just walk around where you are every day, noticing the beauty that surrounds you.  The flowers.  Trees.  Lush grass.  Beauty of the birds readying their nests for the onset of Spring, and chirping outside your window every morning. 

The natural beauty of your self.  What’s inside shows on the outside.  Do you let your beauty out for all to see?  Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?  Do you share the beauty you see in the world with others?

Just looking through pictures and this one inspired me.  Oh, I know, all pictures of Hallie inspire me.  tehe!  Can’t help it.  Loved this up close shot.  My beautiful baby, inside and out.

Thank you, all my dear, sweet friends, for checking in on me, and for all of your sweet words.  I am feeling sooooo much better today!  And fingers crossed!  I see a job!  It’s in sight!  Hopefully, an interview will happen tomorrow or early next week!  Please, Lord?!  Love you guys!



Day 54 of my Project 366.

Just Passing Through

Just gonna do a short and sweet one today.  Feeling a bit out of it.  Tired, sluggish, achy, wrestling with life, stressin’, blah, blah, blah.  Just hope I’m not comin’ down with somethin’.  I don’t usually get sick.  We all have those off days, though, right?  Here’s to feeling better tomorrow.  😉

Today, I’m just posting a picture on sort of how I feel today.  Tomorrow, I’m hopeful it’ll be a happy photo, or even a silly or interesting one.  I trust each of you have had more of an upbeat sort of day.  Back to my silly self tomorra.  A little blah, just passing through.  That’s all.

With that said, I can still find beauty in the day.  The sun was shining a bit today and that’s always nice.  Even in this photo, I can find beauty.



Day 53 of my Project 366, even though I didn’t feel much like posting today.  I did it anyway.  😉

A-Z Archive: H Challenge


A little while after the Easter baskets have been put away, Hallie is still hunting eggs.  She could hunt them all year long.  (From 2008)  

I was going to do a slideshow, but my computer is moooooooving reeeeeealy slooooooooow, and I’d like to post tonight, so here ya go.  Almost didn’t make it, huh?  😉

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:

Hope y’all have a lovely day!  Me tired.  Been a busy, productive day, then a fun, fun, fun evening.  We are off to bed!  Love ya!  *hug*