My yard is freaking out, thinking Spring has sprung, when we are still in for some freezing temps, but since the Spiraea is in bloom, Hallie felt the need to pick her Mama some of these pretty blossoms to beautify the kitchen. Here, a piece is placed in a blue coke glass on the kitchen table. I’m using a flash, which brings out the blue in the glass and really livens up the water, but the flash is deleting the green shades in the center of the flowers.

Here, placed on the kitchen counter, I like some of the colors mixing in, but the dish towel underneath is a bit distracting. Still, the flash takes away from the flower.

Not using the flash, you can see more of the shapes and definition of the flower with the shades of green in the center.

I just love Spiraea!
Day 34 of Project 366.

Y’all make it a beautiful day. The sky will be leaking over here allllll the dayyyyyy longgggggg.