Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Frozen

My friend, Rois, over at has started a new Wednesday challenge with a new theme every week, based on song titles for topics.  Pretty cool, huh?  Why don’t you stop over at her page and check it out.  She should have a new theme posted every (you guessed it) Wednesday, so follow her, and you’ll be updated with each week’s title.  Sounds fun, right?  😉

Here’s mine for this week’s FROZEN:

Day 48 of my Project 366.  Woo-hoooooo!

Y’all go out there and have a mahhhvelous, beautiful Friday!  The sun is trying to peek through the clouds over here.  Hope it succeeds.  Tired of all this rain.  Blegh!  But, nothing will stop me from finding beauty in this day.  😉