Natural Beauty

There is just something about the natural beauty of a child.  Such innocence.   Pure.  Wholesome.  Before the lip gloss.  Before the mascara.  Shweeet freckles.  😉

Not only natural beauty of a child, but taking time to just walk around where you are every day, noticing the beauty that surrounds you.  The flowers.  Trees.  Lush grass.  Beauty of the birds readying their nests for the onset of Spring, and chirping outside your window every morning. 

The natural beauty of your self.  What’s inside shows on the outside.  Do you let your beauty out for all to see?  Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?  Do you share the beauty you see in the world with others?

Just looking through pictures and this one inspired me.  Oh, I know, all pictures of Hallie inspire me.  tehe!  Can’t help it.  Loved this up close shot.  My beautiful baby, inside and out.

Thank you, all my dear, sweet friends, for checking in on me, and for all of your sweet words.  I am feeling sooooo much better today!  And fingers crossed!  I see a job!  It’s in sight!  Hopefully, an interview will happen tomorrow or early next week!  Please, Lord?!  Love you guys!



Day 54 of my Project 366.