Introducing Princess Carlotta

Actually, her name is Carlie, and I don’t believe you’ve met her, yet.  I think I’ve introduced you to everyone but her and Moonlight, and ML’s a beta. 

We adopted Carlie and Sammy (litter mates/ brother and sister) seven years ago.  Jet black, I called ’em my little panther babies.  Sammy didn’t appreciate my remodeling and repainting inside the house and moved away, but he occasionally visits to let us know he’s doing alright, then promptly leaves again for a few more months.

Lemme tell ya about Carlie.  She thinks she is a princess, she should be spoiled and spoon fed, she should be given a rub down 24/7, be given treats several times daily, and she just thinks she’s Miss Thang.  You should see her when she’s walking passed Buddy’s kennel. 

Oh, ya know, she’s walkin’ along, minding her own business, then she spots him, and he’s checkin’ her out, and then she hikes up her butt in the air, walks on her tippy toes, and shakes her bootie at him, as if to say, “Look at me.  I am free.  Ha ha hee.  And you are in doggie prison!”  Ya think I’m kiddin’?  I’m serious!  The girl is hateful. 

See, we got Carlie and Sammy a year before we got Buddy and Tiger, so Carlie is a complete snob when it comes to dogs.  She’s thinks she’s better.  While Tiger was adopted not long after we adopted Buddy, so they are brothers and best buds.  Picture big 8 week old puppy and leeetle teeeensy 4 week kitten playing velcro face, and you can see Buddy and Tiger playing together as babies.  (Just let me know if you need me to explain ‘velcro face’.)  They still adore each other.  I’ll look for their baby pictures and perhaps post those another time.  But, this post is about Carlie, so back to her. 

Anyway, she’s really spoiled and she’s actually quite loving…  toward us, but not so much toward the other furbabies.  Tiger is a bully and he whoops her butt pretty much on a daily basis.  She does NOT appreciate being pinned down to the ground, hence her being a princess and all.  The GAWL!  Snoody to dogs everywhere.  But very loving, sweet and affectionate toward us humans.  That’s more than I can say for Tiger.  You’ve read about his homicidal tendencies, right?

Just really funny to be looking out the window, watching Carlie mosying along, then coming close to Buddy’s pen, and changing her walk into a prance.  “La-tee-da!”  Yup, she’s a brat.  😉  But we love her anyway.

Y’all have a beautiful day!  *hug*

– Carol  😉