A-Z Archive: T! Challenge

I know I’m late.  Story of my life ever since I was born 3 weeks late.  Been late ever since.  Oh well.  Here it is anyway.  My entry for the “T” theme:


Hallie was holding Sammy, but now she has Carlie. As you can see, Sammy isn’t too happy about it.

When he was around, he was very sweet (most of the time), but also very spoiled and when you love on him, no one else should exist. He was growling, “Put her down this instant! It’s ME time!”

Yeah, ole Sammy moved away a couple o’ years ago. I did some painting on the interior of the house and remodeling of floors and such and he hasn’t cared for us since. Some cats adapt to change well, while others will not tolerate any sort of change.

He does come by to pay us a visit every few months, though. Funny thing. He just comes by for about 5 minutes, let’s us give him the once over and he’s gone again. Weird, right? I’m sure someone is taking really good care of him, because he’s nice and plump. 😉 Sweet that he doesn’t want us to worry.

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:


Hope y’all have had an amazingly beautiful day!  I enjoyed watching the rain fall sideways.  It was sooo windy!  Now that it’s almost time to leave work (yes, I’m caught up for the moment), the rain stopped, not like yesterday.  Torrential downpour as I was leaving, I got soaked, seeing as I left my umbrella in the car (right?!), and once I got in the car, pea-sized hail started slamming down.  Skeeered meee to deaf (as Hallie used to say).   🙂   Aw, I miss those days when she said the cutest things like that.  She still says some pretty cute things, though.  Y’all have a great night, k?  *hug*

Oh, and if you need more cute Hallie-isms:  “I think I’m going death.  I can’t hewe a thing.”

“One, two, flea, fowa, pive, six, seben, eight, nine, teein.”  Oh and when she’d count the teens, she’d always skip sixteen.  She really didn’t like that number.

“Mama, I wanna particerate in that.”

“Ok, I juss don’t undewstand.  You need to be mowa pacific.”  tehe!

And my personal favowite:  “I pwedge awegiance to da fwag, of de United States of Amewica.  And to de pubwic, fowa undewstands, one nation undew God, invisible, and dis is fowa awe.”  When I figure out how to apply an audio to my blog, I’ll let you listen.  I have her on tape.

I love that baby so much it hurts!

– Carol

Dreamin’ o’ Those Chilly Days

It’s 94 degrees (crispy!  and not in a good way) right now at 4:45 p.m., and the thunderstorms are quickly rolling in, with the wind tossing debris about the parking lot at work. From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw rain falling, but looking now, I can see it’s just leaves tumbling about, being blown from behind the building to the front parking lot. Oh, what joy awaits me in the upcoming traffic. Please understand that when it rains in Mississippi, most everyone forgets how to drive. It’s kind o’ nerve wreckin’.   🙁   Pray for me?

Oh, and this photo is just trying to give us all a taste of winter, as it’s hot as….om…summer out there and it’s supposed to be spring. I’m longin’ for those cooler temps of fall and winter.

Yep, there’s the thunda!  And the rain!  Oh my!  RAIN!  Hard rain.  And imagine, me without my blumberbus (umbrella).  I’m gonna look like a little drowned rat.  *sniff*


End of the Day

End of the day starting to set in. Great Falls, Montana, from July 2010 Roadtrip. I miss you, Montana.

Is That a Mirage?

Oh, dreaming of a cool pool. Wishing we had one. It’s absolutely miserable outside and I’m drained, wishing we had a pool like this in our back yard. We’d be living in it.  I’d settle for half this size.

This was one of the pools at the hotel we stayed at in Sedona, AZ, July 2010.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend. We are on holiday, with Memorial Day weekend. Hugs sent out to all, especially all who have served and are still serving in the armed services. Remembering the fallen soldiers, who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. You will not be forgotten.


Balancing Act

This eroded column of rock, appropriately named ‘Balanced Rock’, stands almost 130 feet tall in Arches National Park, Utah.

(Roadtrip July 2010)

A Tribute to Jack

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Mama’s first pit bull.  He is straight from heaven, that little boy.

He has a way of pulling you into his heart with his big brown eyes, and once you gaze into them, there is no hope for you.  You are his.  He can make your heart melt with a single glance and with the funny expressions he wears, just to make your heart swoon.  He will stand on his hind legs, do a backbend on the arm of the recliner and look at you upside down.  You can’t help but laugh at him, but that’s his way of getting you to just grab him up and love on him.  You really can’t help yourself.  He puts a spell on you.

I know people around the world have heard pit bulls are all hostile, fighting dogs, and yes, there are many that are trained to be just that – killers, fighters.  But those particular dogs are raised to be that way.  You can take any dog and raise them that way.  But you can also take any breed of animal and raise it with love, obedience, kindness, laughter, joy, spoil them, and they will love you and protect you (if they are the protective sort) till the day they die.

He is great with kids.  Hallie dresses him up in girlie hats, lays on him, runs with him, wrestles with him, naps with him, and he takes all her “abuse” and her love and only gives love in return.

He is, indeed, straight from heaven and he is never forgotten.  He’s been gone for a few years now, but we still think of him often, just as we think of all those who have gone on to be with the Lord (and yes, all dogs go to heaven!  Even those who’ve been raised to be killers.  It wasn’t the dog’s fault, it was the owner’s).

Sometimes, it feels he is still with us, and I believe when we think of those who have moved on, it’s like a phone call to heaven, and they are allowed to visit for a while.  We might not be able to see them, but they can see us and hear and feel every word we say and I know they are still loving us.  The spirit lives on forever.  And love never dies.

We will never forget you, Jack.  We still love you and always will.  You just save our places up there, and we’ll see you soon.  Hugs and kisses from Mama, me and Hallie.  Good boy, Jack!

Mural Dedicated to Women

The Women’s Commemorative Mural – Helena, Montana

Painted by Montana artists Delores Dinsmore, Anne Appleby, and Marilyn Sternberg, along with assistance from many other community members who wanted to get in on the painting.

Painted on the south face of the Livestock Building (walking mall) at Last Chance Gulch in Helena, the mural illustrates the roles of women in Montana history.

Dedicated in 1979.  Restoration was done in 2005 by Joe Thielen.

I’ve seen this beauty many times in the years I lived in Montana.  Going back to visit in 2010 brought back so many wonderful, vivid and colorful memories.  This mural was just one of them.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful Friday, wherever you are in the world.  Where are you?  I’m in Mississippi.  It’s a hot, steamy, somewhat sunny, somewhat overcast day, 87 sweltering degrees with a wonderful 92 for a high to look forward to.  I’m joking by the way, if you could not sense my sarcasm.  Hoping and praying for a delightfully cool evening, for everyone.  Good day to ya!  😉



Day 146 of my Project 366.  Yea!


Hi thar! My Name is Luceeeele.

(With a deep southern drawl):  Do ya like my new hairdooooo?  I’m tryin’ to go with a more tousled look.

Tennis Anyone?

Thanksgiving in May

Ok peeps, I’m feelin’ the need for a moment or perhaps even a whole day of Thanksgiving, just to divert my attention from negative to positive. You know, we get those feelings of inadequacy, depression, sadness, anxiety, and/or what have you. It’s times like these we need to focus all our attention on the good things in life and only those good things. So, if you need to accompany me on this thanksgiving exercise, please do.

What I am thankful for (in no particular order):
1. God’s got my back and He loves me, no matter what
2. Jesus saved me and loves me, no matter what
3. Angels are always around, protecting us and keeping us safe
4. My mother
5. My daughter
6. I have good health
7. I have good friends
8. I have a good job
9. We have a home
10. We have fur babies that we love and we get sweet smooches and hugs from them every day
11. I have a car that runs
12. I can afford to put food on the table and go to a movie once in a while
13. I have a camera and it allows me to take pretty great pictures
14. I have the ability to make my own choices in life and become the person I wish to be
15. I need not care about what others think of me. This is my journey, my life, and what they think of
me is none of my business. That’s their journey.
16. I have been blessed enough to visit many other states and 2 countries up close and personal and
witness their true beauty.
17. And one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received? It’s NOT all about ME! Thanks, Tess. 😉

And for those of you that may be way down in it, just remember, no matter how bad things get, somebody else always has it worse. And? Things will get better. Talkin’ to me, too.

I could go on and on with people, places and things I’m thankful for, but I feel better already, plus I’ve got stuff to do.

So, what are you thankful for? You can list as few or as many as you like.

*squish* Hope y’all are having a great, beautiful, productive day. Love you!