Mobile Going Thru Mobile

About to go into the tunnel…

Mobile, Alabama (on our way to Panama City Beach).   I DO NOT like the tunnel.   :'(

Where is the exit, please?!  I do not like being beneath the city.  Is that water seeping through?!

Is that light I see?!  Go into the light, Carol Ann!!  (some of you might understand this Poltergeist reference.  Hallie was like, “Whaaaat?!)

Oh, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Mobile, AL, it’s pronounced Moe-beeeeel.  You need to pronounce it like a southerner, drawing out your very long eeeeeee.   😉

Hope y’all have a spectacular Saturday.  We certainly plan to.  Gonna go swim with the dolphins.  Yea!  And check that off our bucket list.  😉

Love ya!  *smooch*