Posing Seagulls

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Hope y’all get your fill of seagulls.  I had tons more shots, but figured these were enough for today.  Y’all have a groovilicious Sunday.  It’s been raining here just about every day this past week, and I’m not complaining, as we have been needing rain very badly.  Wish we could share with some of you that are experiencing droughts and wildfires.  I’m just sitting here in the livingroom with the window cracked ever so slightly so I can better hear the raindrops’ musical notes as they hit and embrace the leaves.  Ahhhh!  The sound of rain really soothes my soul.  It’s so dark and tranquil outside at almost 9am this morning.  May something calm and restful and beautiful soothe your soul today.  Love ya!   *squishy hug*

Day cruising on Capt. Anderson III, Capt. Anderson Marina, Panama City Beach, FL (July 2012)

– Carol

Day 197 of my Project 366.  Yeah!