How Now Brown Cow

Oh, well, I guess that mom and babe are black, huh? But it just wouldn’t sound the same.

So, how was your day? Mine was mostly a good day. Still workin’ on my dream… Things are comin’ together. 😉

A good day at the office though. Had tons of work to make the day fly right on by!

Getting things done for my babe to go back to school. She’s growin’ up way too fast. Wish I could slow time down just a little. She was 2, then 4, then I blinked, and she was 12, and almost as tall as me. It’s just not right, I tell ya! But she is a pretty cool 12, I must say. God has blessed me and made me rich with the bestest family I could ever have! Mama and Hallie are my life’s riches. Too much mush, right? Ok, I’ll say g’ night.

Sweet dreams, y’all. *squishy hug*