Spooky #2

Oh, these bones are great, with the birds mixed in. Tremendously spooky.

Ah, Sunday. A day of rest. NOT! I wish. Busy Saturday – mini road trip. Busy Sunday – going, going, going. Next weekend will be more of the same. However, the weekend after that, I am planning on having an entire day at home, doing as little as possible. We’ll see how that one works out. ūüėČ Best laid plans…

Love y’all! *squish*


Day 274 of my Project 366. I can hardly believe I have actually stuck with it for this long!!! Yea!!! Perhaps there is hope for me, after all?


Halloween is coming.  I am in a spooky mood.  I thought the great bones of these trees against a chilly, stormy sky was just the ticket today.

Hope y’all have a sensational Saturday. We sure plan to!!! *squishy hug*


(photo taken January 2012)

Photo Friday: Reflected

Yup, I’ve posted this photo in the past, but I thought it would make a suitable entry for Photo Friday’s¬†theme of the week.¬† Hope ya like it, again.¬† ūüėČ

Happy Friday, y’all!¬† Sooooooo happy it’s Finally Friday!¬† Woooo-hoooo!¬† Here’s to hoping we all have a great one.¬† Cheers!¬† *squish*

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What I call ‘Lost City of Atlantis’.

Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sunday Post: People

This is just part of the line waiting to get in to experience The Haunted Mansion at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.¬† We were in this line at one point.¬† And just because we went in October does not mean it was a comfortable wait by any means.¬† It was as hot as H-E-double hockey sticks!¬† Standing in that heat for so long made me nearly pass out.¬† If and when you¬†go, and I totally recommend you do, if you love a grand time, you’d be better off going in November or December, if you are a wimp like me when it comes to the heat and humidity.¬† Plus, the water parks are still open during those months, so you won’t miss out on anything.

We have been on cruises, visited Mexico, traveled by car and plane to many states around America, and I’d have to say that Disney was our best vacation to date.¬† Mama wasn’t even looking forward to going, except for staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge¬†since¬†she knew¬†she would be¬†seeing animals outside her balcony.¬† However, once¬†we arrived on the property, she magically turned from 60-something to 8 right before our very eyes.¬† I had been looking forward to Disney since I was a little girl, so I had been anticipating its aweseomeness since I was about 6.¬† We actually used to live in Florida when I was little, but my biological father never wanted to take us, so I finally did once I had a child.¬† Hallie was 8, Mama turned 8 once we got there, and I turned 8 the moment I knew we were going to plan the trip.¬† Oh, and when you do plan your trip, try to do so 6 to 9 months in advance, so that you can book all of your reservations¬†for the restaurants in which you wish to dine.¬† There are princess breakfasts and brunches, awesome, awesome, awesome restaurants with awesome, awesome views.¬† If you want some recommendations, just let me know.¬† Let me just tell you that the food in all these¬†establishments were magnificent and we have never eaten so good, nor have we since.¬† The dining experiences, as well as all the fun you could possibly have will blow you away.

Oh, and as far as the long wait to get into The Haunted Mansion, it was worth it.  Plus, that is the only thing we had to wait long for.  With everything else, the lines went pretty swiftly.  We did have a fast pass with many of the rides and shows, so we could get our tickets with the time to come back, and go do something else until our time came up.

Best.  Vacation.  Ever.

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Y’all have a groovilicious Friday Eve!¬† ūüėȬ†¬† *squishy hug*


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I am sure I have posted this one before, but it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the theme for the week. This seagull looks so peaceful, sitting, waiting, resting.

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Hope y’all had a truly wonderful day! Mine was SUPER busy, but a good day. Went by with the breeze. Have a restful evening.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your Favorite Image

‘Dog Tired at Disney’

I know I’ve posted it before.

This just has to be one of my favorites of all time.  Every time I see it, it makes me smile.  I remember sitting at Disney, taking a brief rest on a bench with my two girls (Hallie and Mama), and we had been watching this sweet family talking with each other. I turned away for just a moment, while chatting it up and just watching all the passers by and goings on.  I looked back over to these guys and they were all down for the count.

That’s why I try not to sit down when I’m at home cleaning, because I know if I do, that’ll be all she wrote. ¬†Perhaps this is why my house is a mess. ¬†ūüėČ

Disney is awesome fun! ¬†But careful, ’cause it’ll wear you out!

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Have a completely terrifical Tuesday!   Love ya!  *squish*


Disney, Orlando, FL, Oct 2007

Purple Cast Close Up

I took this of Hallie while we were at a Mercy Me concert. The lighting gave a purple cast at that moment. Wish it had been in better focus. I’ll try to sharpen later when I have time.

Hope you guys have had a great Monday. Mine was ok. Tomorrow will be awesome for all of us! Just believe it.

The Hills Are Alive…

with the sound of okies! Ah-ah-ah-ah

Ok, maybe not the Sound of Music, but I love the hills in Oklahoma and I LOVE the people! Everywhere we went in Oklahoma, the people were so gracious and kind and wanted to hold conversation. Beautiful state. So many awesome things to see and do. I want to live in Oklahoma.

May I Please Have Your Autograph?

My sweet little babe. Disney. We miss Disney!

October 2007


Oh my. And how!

Sort of the picture of my day. I think rocks are awesome and beautiful and always an inviting climb. However, today, that is not quite how they are perceived as describing said day. My day? Rocky? Topsy turvy! Actually, it might be fun to pick up one of these said rocks and throw it at someone… missing them… of course…

Ok, it all started with my fault. I was chasing Lilly (you’ve seen her… our little short, hairy, black and tan, grinning monster) through the house this morning (as she loves to play chase) and I must have turned wrong, twisting a muscle in my back. Knocked the air right outta me! Been in pain all day. Then, coming to work, to deal with just a sunshiny, bubbly, happy to be surrounded by a joy of a person (NOT!!!) and trying very hard to bite my lip instead of screaming “BITE ME!!!” Oh, whenever this person comes into the office, he is a joy. Always. But that’s ok. I’ve been self-medicating all day. Bayer Back & Body aspirin (every 4 hrs – NOT helping), overdosing on Hershey’s Kisses (every 4 minutes – helping a little). Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Right? Anywho, one more hour to go, and I get to go pick up my sweet babe. She’s always good medicine. Please say a little prayer? I don’t normally complain, but today has just been complete poo. I am, however, quite thankful it is Friday, and that I have chocolate in my stash drawer, and it could always be worse. It could be Monday morning. I could be completely out of chocolate. ūüėČ

Hope y’all are having a much better Friday than I am. I will be “trying” to participate in activities with a bunch of girl scouts at a function tomorrow. More like, I’ll be watching if this back thing continues.

Love ya! Y’all have an awesome weeeeeekennnnnd! *gentle hug*