Cinnamon Mochacino Mountains

Ok, so why is it I associate every beautiful thing I see with food? Perhaps that’s why I’m a bit overweight – everything looks delicious. But seriously, when you look at this, don’t you see a bit of coffee? Some cocoa? A sprinkling of cinnamon? Mmmm… That sounds really good. Although, a bit late for one of those.

Counting down to my dream coming true. Next Wednesday is the big deal day. I don’t want to say yet what I’m doing (scared I’ll jinx it). Soooo many things have been trying to get in the way of my getting this thing done, but nothing is going to stop me. I’m gonna get this thing done and make my dream come true, no matter what. So, September 12, y’all! It’s almost here! All prayers and positive vibes/energy welcome.

Hope y’all had an amazing day. Mine was better than yesterday in one sense but sad in another. The sad thing made me realize that I whine way too much and complain about having “whatever” not go my way, and I need to just put away the whine and the cheese and shut up. We are healthy and alive and our futures have great potential, as everyone has the potential to be and do great things. I’m DONE complaining. When something doesn’t go my way, I’m going to buck up and find a way to get to that place I feel I need to be. May we all realize how blessed we truly are. We are alive and we have today, and that’s something. And we are all capable of being truly awesome!!

Love y’all! *squishy hug* 😉


(somewhere between Utah and Idaho) Roadtrip July 2010