A Beautiful Evening

Looks almost like a portal is opening up to another dimension. The Good Lord blows me away with his brush strokes and choice of colors. He sends my imagination flying!

Hope y’all had a wonderful day! We did!!! Hallie had a 9 day on a scale from 1 to 10. Mine was about an 8. Not sure what Mama’s was, but I’d say it was pretty good, since she found out her finger is not broken, thank Goodness! But for you praying folks, would you mind sending some prayers up for her finger, as it is REALLY swollen and EXTREMELY painful? Thanks! Y’all sleep well t’night! I know I will…once I get to bed. I’ll be up late, workin’ on stuff, getting ready for this upcoming project, plus boiling peanuts for hours. Sleep tight! *squish*