Camp Nano – Stick a Fork In Me, I’m Done


It was fun

Now I’m done

Yea me

I had a blast

Writing as fast

As can be

What comes next

Is anybody’s guess


After 30 days

Fingers ablaze

Good night

Okay, I just wanna say I am excited even if I don’t sound like it.  I did spit out over 10,000 words, which was my goal (10,587 to be exact), so I’m pretty stoked about that.  What comes next is the arduous task of reorganizing everything, cutting and pasting into chapters, as the first 37,000 words were in some semblance of organization, the last 20,000+ are pretty much straight up (as my friend Winter says) “just say stuff word vomit.”  Actually, I had a pretty good flow going, but being hurried, I just typed it and figured I’d reorganize everything later, so I get May to “play.”

Just a heads up, I’m not as finished with this book as I thought I was.  However, reorganizing and revising will help to show me what pieces need finishing and I’m setting May 31 as my big finish book deadline.  Reorg, revise, rewrite, proof, polish, print, enlist Betas, work queries, possible revisions, polish yet again and yes, the big “P.”  Publish.  I’ll keep ya posted.

I do hope all you Wrimos out there in Camp NanoLand are finished or just about finished as the deadline is fast approaching.  What, two more hours to go before we leave camp?  It was fun sharing stories by the camp fire and getting fat roasting and eating s’mores.  Ok, maybe not the fat part.  I hope y’all enjoyed the wine and cheese I brought.  I know I did with my giddy self.  hehe!  It sure helped my fingers fly!  I was workin’ like a maniac.  And I was just a singin’, too.  She’s a maniac, maniac on the … laptop.  Anywho, now it’s over for me and I’ll be sad to see some of you go back to your regular lives, no more quiet chit chatter over early morning coffee and watching the sun come up.  It was fun and I enjoyed going through this little adventure with you guys.  Who knows, maybe some of us can get together again for the July camp.  Might be working again on the Cursed Series.  But for now, I’m off to wrap up this work of nonfiction.  I hope all of you reached your word count goals.

Love ya!  Lata!


Killin’ It

Well, yea, I’ve finally reached an end with these online work contracts so now I can more fully focus on Camp Nano! Yippee! 6 days left in this challenge and I’ve barely begun. Got a bit typed this morning and by the end of my lunch break, I’d reached 2,809 (my goal is 10,000, as I already have over 30K). So, I’m well on my way to my 10,000. I think I can do this. It’s so great to have my creative outlet back. Funny how when it comes to work, getting up early is like pulling a wisdom tooth with a piece of thread but when it comes to writing creatively on something I’m passionate about, I can jump outta bed like a piece of popping corn. I have created my writing schedule for the last few days of April, then I scheduled my revisions, reorg, proofing, polishing, Beta readers, possibly revising again, blah, blah, blah, then queries and then publication.

So, c’mon 7,191, throw it at me. I can handle it. Bring it. And prepare for annihilation. I’m bringin’ ya down, baby.

As far as Bible study and reading the Bible in 365 days, I’m still planning on getting back on task with this, but not today – probably in May.

So how are all you wrimos doing with yours? Keeping up with your writing? Have a daily writing schedule? Are you planning or pantsing it? I’m usually very big on planning but this go ’round, I’m flyin’ high by the seat of my britches! Wooohooo! Catch ya on the flip side. ‘scuse me if I’m a leeetle silly. Maybe a little too much vodka in my vanilla vodka and oj. Hey, it is Friday and it was a long, stressful week, so I’m lettin’ my hair down a little. Well, if you consider lettin’ your hair down coming home from work, mowing the front yards of mine and Mama’s homes, then in to clean up, eat a smidgen of supper, finish watching Once Upon a Time (Yea, Regina!!!! It’s about time, girl.) and chill with my dreamsicle in a glass. Vera nize. Vera nize, indeed. The kiddo is spending the night at her dad’s, so now, it’s just me and my sweet little ole laptop. I love that kiddo. I love candlelit quiet alone time with just me and my handsome laptop, too. 😉 Gonna go get my word on. Lata!

Can I Get Your Opinion?

When I first asked this question to several people, I got more of an answer for story number 2.  They said that to read about depression would be depressing; the ones who claim to not have depression do not wish to understand it; and some are put off regarding reading about God, thinking that everything relating to God will be somehow religious.  Lately, I’ve been asking people again about the books and I’m getting more answers for story number 1.  A few have said both.  I’d like for you, the readers, to weigh in, if you would on which you would be more enticed to read.

Please pick which book you would be more apt to read:

1) on depression and God; how this person takes action to improve their level of depression, how to deal with God and how he plays into it all; helping one understand how to deal with someone in their life with depression — this would be written by someone with a lifelong history battling depression, not with a degree in psychology, so this is not a clinical book; more of one’s story overcoming obstacles — humor, anger, love, sarcasm, real life and just finding calm and carrying on (yes, I said it); or

2) on a teenage girl born of a witch and vampire, having her powers bound as an infant and adopted by nonmagical parents (raised in the South) to protect her from the crimes committed against her birth family and the entire magical world. After a tragic series of events, she’s thrust into a crash course in magic (humorous as well as terrifying trial and error) when she discovers she has magical powers she never wanted and is depended upon for ending the war ensuing between the magic and nonmagic worlds, or at least part of the war… — humor, love, small amount of romantic tension, tragedy, action, friendship, mystery/ suspense, sci-fi/fantasy/adventure…

Thank you.  I appreciate your opinion and your comments.  Toodles!  😉