And It Begins!

Oh yes, and so it begins! The #30daysofrawinsanity on New Years Day. Mama’s birthday. Happy Birthday, sweet New Year’s babe. Yes, I will be cooking that sweet potato casserole, bringing the sweet potato pie that Hallie and I had not finished and I made cinnamon crisps last night.

There will be juicy turkey, peas, cabbage, etc. – all the New Year’s traditional faves and eating rituals. Just not eaten by me.

Yup, I’m really doing this. You didn’t believe me, did you?

Yesterday was my feast, and pretty much every day before. I had my last Scholotsky’s chicken pesto pizza, pigged out on freshly baked cinnamon crisps, my last coffee, my last hot chai tea, my last bite of chocolate, hot cocoa with marshmallows late last night.

A few days before, the last bite of steak had been eaten. I took in the spicy flavor of my bloody mary with each delicious sip, along with the crispy bacon they added as one of the fabulous flavorful toppings.

I enjoyed all of it while it lasted.

So now, I have my juicer out of the box, and it is prepared for beating and grinding fruits and veggies into submission. I’m ready. I think. I’ll admit juicing for 30+ days is jumping off into the deep end and not knowing how to swim but it’s sink or swim, baby, and I’m doing this, no matter how hard it seems. And it seems.

If I don’t reach my weight and size goals by Jan 30, then I’ll continue the juice fast. That’s right. Living on veggie juice mostly with a small amount of fruit mixed in. And water.

Juice and water. This is my food for 30+ days.

That’s why I called it #30daysofrawinsanity – because it’s insane! I have to do it this way because, well… I suppose I’m a bit masochistic. And because I am weak. If I make it simple (or as simple as I can for a juicing regimen) and just live on 1-5 different juicing recipes and water, there’s no room to overeat or eat something bad for me in moderation. There is no moderation with me when it comes to anything with sugar.

So I’m keeping it simple and as easy as I can and I am going to get healthy, lose weight, feel amazing, gain more energy, have great looking skin and perhaps even heal my body from this sinusy-congestion crap I’ve been dealing with for 2+ years. I wanna be able to say, “Hey doctors! Suck it!”

We’ll see how lunch goes at Mama’s with all those juicy aromas floating through the house, the beautiful foods laid out like a smorgasbord of love and me with my glass of juice that looks like… well… less enticing, watching and listening to everyone chew and slurp on what I know will be delicious mouth-watering food. I promise to stay strong. Sorry for my run-on sentences. I’m getting a little carried away. But that’s what I do. I own it.

Wish me luck. With my juice. And my 30 days of what I’m hoping won’t be complete torture.

Oh, time to go cook. Great.

Good luck if you are doing the juice fast, or the raw vegan challenge (produce only). And Happy Green and Healthy New Year. I believe 2018 is gonna rock.


Author: Carol Blake

Writer, Recovering Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

4 thoughts on “And It Begins!”

  1. Ok here we gooo ! Can I have the recipe for the drinks please? and could you please tell me in what quantities and how often should these juice be taken per day?
    Thanks a million Carol and happy vital greens ! 😉

        1. A bunch of us are doing the challenge = 30 days of raw produce (some juicing, some not) but doing our own recipes. I can post each one I make, but like today, not sure I’m drinking any juice.

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