Caffeine Withdrawal Headache Vanished!

Yea! My caffeine withdrawal headache is a goner. Finally. After 3 full days and nights, no more headache on the 4th. I woke up rested and feeling no pain.

Of course, I’m still munching on apples and kiwi. I’m pretty sure I’ll be starting back on the juice fast train Saturday early afternoon and see how it goes. If I can make it through the weekend and feel okay on Monday, I’ll continue with just the juice fast.

Played ping-pong with my head and the ground won

I walked Buddy this morning at about 6am and tripped over what’s left of an old satellite dish pole. I hate it when these satellite companies send these idiot people to update your dish/equipment and they just leave all the old stuff, so then you have two poles with dishes. Well, I pulled the old one down and still need to dig up the old pole that sticks up about 2 inches from the ground. That’s where I busted my ass. It was dark – one eye closed – and I head-butted the ground.

That was fun. Not.

At least I had the grass as a buffer, so it wasn’t as hard as it could have been. I was a bit concerned I could have a concussion, so I texted my mom and like any worried mom, she came over, even though I told her not to.

No, I don’t think I had a concussion.

Life Goes On

However, I was feeling really weak and couldn’t concentrate so fail again today – had about a handful of cashews for lunch. It’s a fail because they were salted. If they had not been salted, they would have been good on this diet since they are plant-based. Breakfast was a green apple. Lunch started out being a green apple but I only ate about half and then gave in to a few bites of protein. I feel like the protein helped a little but still feeling a bit lethargic. I’ve had five 12-oz bottles of water.

Veggies are not my friend right now from being sick off of them Monday.

Happy I cleaned during lunch, having a little energy back but it’s pretty much gone now. Simply having the other half of my apple from lunch and more water for supper.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I do have to have energy for work so, hopefully, after I start the juice fast on Saturday, I maybe can receive a burst of energy on Monday for work. Fingers crossed, and toes, and eyes.

Author: Carol Blake

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