My First Juicing Day

This will count as my actual first juicing day, since the other days were mostly munching on fruits and veggies. But I do have to admit something to you….

I was a weakling yesterday and I had about half a handful of peanut m&ms and about 4 or 5 smoked almonds. I could not help myself. Well, I guess I did help myself – to that junk food!

I know, I know… I can hear you yelling, “You sinner!!!”

Yes, I am one. I never claimed to be perfect. I’ve admitted before I am a junkie – a junk food junkie. Now, a recovering caffeine addict, and I will admit that I’ve done better than I thought without the caffeine. In fact, I ordered coffees for my mom and my brother on Saturday and I had nothing. Nothing!! Can you believe that?! I can’t even believe that, but it’s true. Although, I do miss my beloved java. Counting the days till I can drink my drug of choice.

Today, breakfast consisted of:


2 carrots
1 apple (I used delicous red)
1 tangerine, peeled (or 1 orange – I used 2 clementines)

It was pretty yummy. I needed a sweet breakfast juice to give me a boost of energy. Not a ton of energy but I did pretty well with it. I would have been sleepy all day anyway with real food since it was raining and drizzly all day – PERFECT napping weather.

I don’t know about you but rain makes me soooo sedated. At the same time, it cleanses my soul. That goes for thunder, too. I LOVE rainy days. They’re just not the most conducive for working when you can hear all that rain and you look out the window and everything is getting drenched and it looks like it’s about 25 degrees outside. It’s not. It was actually in the 50s most of the day, which was nice.

Anywho, lunch was good, too. I had…

Liquid Fire

1 medium tomato (I used about 7-8 Cabernet estate reserve cherry tomatoes – about the same as 1 large tomato)
1/2 jalapeno pepper (remove seeds)
1 handful parsley
1/2 cucumber (I used the whole cucumber)

I enjoyed it. I mean, these juices aren’t just ‘slap your Mama’ delicious. They will simply suffice as nutrition – fuel to half-way propel you through your day – or if you wanna get down to brass tacks, it’ll keep you alive while you’re choosing to do this juice thang.

Muddy Water

I’m not even gonna share what I fixed for supper because it tastes like butt. It’s pretty bad. I had to add some 100% maple syrup and some 100% coconut sugar, which are both great alternatives to refined sugar and better for you than agave nectar. I read that agave has some seriously high fructose.

I am trying to lessen the sugar and salt. I can’t take them out altogether because we need natural sugar, like what we get from fruit. But I COULD NOT drink that stuff without the additions to make it possible to swallow, or even hold in my mouth. That recipe was an epic fail and I made enough to last through tomorrow’s breakfast. Great. A good reason to not eat (or drink, rather).

On the upside to the m&ms and smoked almonds I jumped on last night, another pound jumped off. I’ve lost 6 pounds, so far.

So 3 juices for the day and several bottles of water.

After a few sips of that muck I made for supper, my hunger pains stopped. See, even my hungry belly is turning its face from this muddy water. That’s what it looks like. Thinking I really messed up by adding broccoli sprouts. Forcing myself to drink it anyway as penance for caving on the junk food last night, and because I do not want to go to bed with a growling tummy, and because I want my healthy body back. I miss her.

So this was Day 1 of 100% juicing. I will try this for at least 10 full days. HALP!? This juicing thing is kicking my butt all over the place. I hope I can just get through at least 2 full days.

I think I can… I think I can…

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Author: Carol Blake

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