I’m Full of S… Song? Yeah, Song.


Yes!!! Bring me to some mountains, oh please? Oh! Oh! I feel a song coming on…

Take me out to the mountains
Take me out to the trail
Packed with granola and protein bars
Leave me there and I’ll sleep ‘neath the stars

So it’s walk, climb, walk for the path ‘head
Forgot my trek sticks again
It’s two, ten, twelve miles to go
Up the old mountain




Image courtesy of Life Support – Ultimate Survival Gear LLC


Photo Friday: Raw

Idaho.  Up close and personal.  In yo face!

I never met a mountain I did not love. A perfect day would be a fully stocked backpack, some good hiking boots, and to just trek this mountain all day long. Oh, and maybe a tranq gun. You never know what wild animal you’ll come in contact with.

I need another road trip to the mountains.

Hope y’all had a fab Friday!  I was just outside snappin’ the most awesome colorful stormy pics!  I may have to share tomorrow.  😉  Y’all have a super Saturday!!  *hug*

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Dreaming of Greener Pastures and Far Away Mountains

Hard week so far. Today was the worst. Needed a little beauty of these mountain memories to give me some peace and hope. Of course, once I got home, love and hugs from Hallie and a sweet phone chat with Mama put me to a happier place. I can always count on my girls. 😉

Here’s hoping to a more positive day tomorrow. Hope y’all have a great day! G’nite! Love ya!


Wytana? Montaning?

Somewhere between Wyoming and Montana = Montaning?  Wytana?

Ok, so an extremely busy, stressful day.  I’ll spare you the details, but it’s all good once I got home.  Was gonna slurp some wine down to help me sleep, but too late for that.  Forgot.  Yeah, the mind is the first thing to go, right?  Ah, I don’t need the stinkin’ wine anyway.  I’m tired enough to sleep tight…as long as Lilly cooperates.  She had to go out at 11pm and 3am.  Argh!  Hopefully, not this time.  I’m prayin’. 

Just postin’ a couple of pics and sayin’ Nighty Night!  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite.  Hope nobody has those.  I can imagine they’d be evil little buggers.  😉

Love ya!  Toodle-ooo!  *hug*