Reflection and Contemplation

contemplation and quote

Been reflecting lately. That’s why the blog has been quiet. No one seems to be interested in this juicing and modified juicing challenge, so I’m offing it early. Hearing some God whispers. May take the blog in a new direction.

Cursed still in progress

Cursed series is still a #wip but my heart is saying the world does not need a book right now on a magical clan, vampires, and dragons, etc. So putting it on hold for a few weeks… Yes, I will get back to it eventually.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

In the song of Ms. Stacey Kent, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Starting with self-love. It’s time for us to reclaim ourselves. It’s time to stop self-defeating behaviors and stop feeling lost.

Do you feel lost? Feel unlovable? Feeling unworthy of good things? Are you often feeling unhappy and like you’re just going through the motions, like a robot – even though you have blessings in your life? So then you feel guilty about not feeling happy?

I think I’ve already found step 1 in the journey and I shocked myself when I found it. Wanna know what it is? Can you guess?

Join me on this journey to self-love, forgiveness, and compassion

If you want to follow me on this journey, follow my Facebook writer page since that’s where all the posts will be, starting in the coming days, Facebook videos and live feeds (OMG – I can’t believe I’m doing this – talk about OUT of my comfort zone!!!). Some things will be on the blog, some on Instagram, but most will probably be on the Facebook page.

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My First Juicing Day

This will count as my actual first juicing day, since the other days were mostly munching on fruits and veggies. But I do have to admit something to you….

I was a weakling yesterday and I had about half a handful of peanut m&ms and about 4 or 5 smoked almonds. I could not help myself. Well, I guess I did help myself – to that junk food!

I know, I know… I can hear you yelling, “You sinner!!!”

Yes, I am one. I never claimed to be perfect. I’ve admitted before I am a junkie – a junk food junkie. Now, a recovering caffeine addict, and I will admit that I’ve done better than I thought without the caffeine. In fact, I ordered coffees for my mom and my brother on Saturday and I had nothing. Nothing!! Can you believe that?! I can’t even believe that, but it’s true. Although, I do miss my beloved java. Counting the days till I can drink my drug of choice.

Today, breakfast consisted of:


2 carrots
1 apple (I used delicous red)
1 tangerine, peeled (or 1 orange – I used 2 clementines)

It was pretty yummy. I needed a sweet breakfast juice to give me a boost of energy. Not a ton of energy but I did pretty well with it. I would have been sleepy all day anyway with real food since it was raining and drizzly all day – PERFECT napping weather.

I don’t know about you but rain makes me soooo sedated. At the same time, it cleanses my soul. That goes for thunder, too. I LOVE rainy days. They’re just not the most conducive for working when you can hear all that rain and you look out the window and everything is getting drenched and it looks like it’s about 25 degrees outside. It’s not. It was actually in the 50s most of the day, which was nice.

Anywho, lunch was good, too. I had…

Liquid Fire

1 medium tomato (I used about 7-8 Cabernet estate reserve cherry tomatoes – about the same as 1 large tomato)
1/2 jalapeno pepper (remove seeds)
1 handful parsley
1/2 cucumber (I used the whole cucumber)

I enjoyed it. I mean, these juices aren’t just ‘slap your Mama’ delicious. They will simply suffice as nutrition – fuel to half-way propel you through your day – or if you wanna get down to brass tacks, it’ll keep you alive while you’re choosing to do this juice thang.

Muddy Water

I’m not even gonna share what I fixed for supper because it tastes like butt. It’s pretty bad. I had to add some 100% maple syrup and some 100% coconut sugar, which are both great alternatives to refined sugar and better for you than agave nectar. I read that agave has some seriously high fructose.

I am trying to lessen the sugar and salt. I can’t take them out altogether because we need natural sugar, like what we get from fruit. But I COULD NOT drink that stuff without the additions to make it possible to swallow, or even hold in my mouth. That recipe was an epic fail and I made enough to last through tomorrow’s breakfast. Great. A good reason to not eat (or drink, rather).

On the upside to the m&ms and smoked almonds I jumped on last night, another pound jumped off. I’ve lost 6 pounds, so far.

So 3 juices for the day and several bottles of water.

After a few sips of that muck I made for supper, my hunger pains stopped. See, even my hungry belly is turning its face from this muddy water. That’s what it looks like. Thinking I really messed up by adding broccoli sprouts. Forcing myself to drink it anyway as penance for caving on the junk food last night, and because I do not want to go to bed with a growling tummy, and because I want my healthy body back. I miss her.

So this was Day 1 of 100% juicing. I will try this for at least 10 full days. HALP!? This juicing thing is kicking my butt all over the place. I hope I can just get through at least 2 full days.

I think I can… I think I can…

#30daysofrawinsanity #MeatlessMonday #MondayMotivation


Fruit and Vegetable Chomping

Haven’t made it quite back to the juicing thing yet. I’m chomping, primarily, on raw fruit and vegetables. Popped a few mouth-watering high acid (which means naturally salty) Cabernet Estate Reserve cherry tomatoes. They are awesome!! Mostly, I’ve been eating pears, apples, and kiwi. Found some 100% coconut water I love, a small amount of 100% unsweetened almond + coconut milk that I’m not too sure about yet – it’s not bad, it’s just not great either, but it’s another beverage option, so there’s that.

Bulked up again on groceries from Fresh Market

Saturday, Fresh Market had a tasting. Zucchini noodles were being used to make this spaghetti with a lovely flavorful tomato sauce with yummy onions, and natural ingredients, but I’m studying the ingredients label on everything these days and one of them was salt, so that was a no-go, as I’m giving up conventional salt and refined sugar. I did get some zucchini noodles, though. There was delicious 100% coconut water and 100% freshly ground almond butter. They had other stuff, too, but there were ingredients added I’ve decided against for the next 30-60 days.

Colorful produce section, as usual. Got some heirloom tomatoes and Cabernet cherry tomatoes, spinach and arugula, broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, apples, bananas, kiwi, jalapenos, pears, green beans, pineapple, huge grapes, strawberries, and the list goes on. What produce didn’t I get? I am set for the next week, for sure.

Today, I wasn’t even hungry until about 1:30 or 2:00, so when I got home from church and seeing Wonder at the movies with Mama and Hallie, I chose to eat a banana that I had bought as an ingredient for juicing. I added 100% almond butter – like freshly made all natural ground almonds into butter. It was pretty good and carried a nice crunch. I was not in the mood for juice. It’s pretty difficult to make that final decision to do the juicing thing again. I will try again tomorrow. I plan to do a fruit juice for breakfast and a veggie juice for lunch and supper.

We’ll see how that goes. I find I just have more energy if I munch on actual veggies and fruit rather than drinking them but I will start again tomorrow.

Some nice snack options

I found 100% raw coconut flakes and raw almonds. Besides the Cabernet cherry tomatoes, these make awesome snacks. And I’m loving this coconut water, but drinking more regular water.

A total loss, so far, of 5 pounds.

Still tired but having more strength than just juicing. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Who else is into just fruits and veggies and plant-based foods from the earth? Is it new for you? And how’s it going for you?

Caffeine Withdrawal Headache Vanished!

Yea! My caffeine withdrawal headache is a goner. Finally. After 3 full days and nights, no more headache on the 4th. I woke up rested and feeling no pain.

Of course, I’m still munching on apples and kiwi. I’m pretty sure I’ll be starting back on the juice fast train Saturday early afternoon and see how it goes. If I can make it through the weekend and feel okay on Monday, I’ll continue with just the juice fast.

Played ping-pong with my head and the ground won

I walked Buddy this morning at about 6am and tripped over what’s left of an old satellite dish pole. I hate it when these satellite companies send these idiot people to update your dish/equipment and they just leave all the old stuff, so then you have two poles with dishes. Well, I pulled the old one down and still need to dig up the old pole that sticks up about 2 inches from the ground. That’s where I busted my ass. It was dark – one eye closed – and I head-butted the ground.

That was fun. Not.

At least I had the grass as a buffer, so it wasn’t as hard as it could have been. I was a bit concerned I could have a concussion, so I texted my mom and like any worried mom, she came over, even though I told her not to.

No, I don’t think I had a concussion.

Life Goes On

However, I was feeling really weak and couldn’t concentrate so fail again today – had about a handful of cashews for lunch. It’s a fail because they were salted. If they had not been salted, they would have been good on this diet since they are plant-based. Breakfast was a green apple. Lunch started out being a green apple but I only ate about half and then gave in to a few bites of protein. I feel like the protein helped a little but still feeling a bit lethargic. I’ve had five 12-oz bottles of water.

Veggies are not my friend right now from being sick off of them Monday.

Happy I cleaned during lunch, having a little energy back but it’s pretty much gone now. Simply having the other half of my apple from lunch and more water for supper.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I do have to have energy for work so, hopefully, after I start the juice fast on Saturday, I maybe can receive a burst of energy on Monday for work. Fingers crossed, and toes, and eyes.

I’ve Had a Few Minor Setbacks


Day 2 – Jan 2 (one setback)

So I had a minor setback. Could not get my stomach to stop feeling nauseous and my head was killing me. Plus I was lethargic, so I decided to eat some of these golden crimson apples, which are between the size of a quarter and fifty cent piece. Had about 3 of those and then had kiwi for supper. And water throughout the day.

After being sick Jan 1, I did not want to tolerate any more juice, especially since my stomach was a little iffy. So, oh well. Also had 2 bites of dark chocolate. Didn’t do it for the sugar, otherwise, I would have done milk chocolate. Was looking for a short dose of caffeine, but it didn’t help.

I’ve decided to eat fruits and veggies until my belly and head are better or at least the head. After I get over the caffeine withdrawal, I’ll try the juice fasting again.

Day 3 – Jan 3 (One setback)

I’m not just going to start the whole thing over. I’ll continue along this journey and just add whatever days to my plan that I need to reach my 30 day goal and weight/size goals.

Today, the headache traveled to my neck and jaws and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I took some aspirin and POOF! That headache was gone. Eating apples and kiwi settled my stomach so I’m feeling no pain. Just a little tired since my diet is still completely different than what it was.

I plan to continue eating fruits and veggies until either Friday or Saturday and then attempt to begin the juice fast again. I figure if I’ve transitioned to just eating fruits and veggies first, once that caffeine is out of my system, I’m good to start up again and if I feel icky, I have the weekend to lay in bed in agony. But it’s downright impossible to work when your head is pounding and you’re on the verge of upchucking.

We’ll see how I feel in the morning and go from there…

This #juicefasting thing is not as easy as you may think. Especially if you don’t get yourself a week or two of transitioning off of coffee and onto only raw fruits and veggies.

On the upside, I’ve lost 4 lbs since Jan 1.

Hope y’all are doing better with the raw stuff and juicing.


How I Started Juicing

I would not recommend you start juicing the way I started juicing on my #30daysofrawinsanity – I jumped in head first without any transitioning. I did cut my alcohol and coffee intake back. My last glass of alcohol was Dec 29 and I cut back coffee to 1 cup per day around Dec 26. And then straight to all juice and water Jan 1.

January 1 was Day One

The headache started between 12 and 1. That’s what I get for bragging a few moments before that I hadn’t had one yet.

I wasn’t hungry until 12 so I fixed my first juice for lunch and drank that while watching everyone else consume their yummy New Year’s Day meal. That was fun. Not! The juice was okay, though. After their food was eaten, I enjoyed talking and laughing with the family.

The first recipe I created: Lean Green

6 leaves of kale (Any kind will do. I used the curly kind. Some were big leaves, some small)

1/2 lemon (peeled)

2 green apples (cut in quarters and seeds removed)

roughly 1 inch of ginger root

4 sticks of celery

1 cucumber

Wash all your fruits and veggies. Remove the seeds from apples. Tear off any leaves that may be on your celery. Remove any seeds from your lemon that can be seen. Add each item to your juicer. Depending on what kind of juicer you have, keep an eye on your output cup so it doesn’t overflow like mine did. Add each output cup to a large 32 ounce+ cup or small pitcher.

Each juicer is different but mine put out about 32 ounces or what seemed like more, only half of it wound up on my counter, so I had about 16-20 ounces or more. I recommend you split this up to an 8 oz cup of juice 3-4 times a day and also drink eight 8 oz glasses of water each day.

After lunch Day One

Came home to take a much needed nap since I only slept 130am-7am. Nap was about 1.5 hours and woke to more of a headache than before. And I refuse to take aspirin as I’m not taking medications of any kind during this #juicingjourney – no pills!

They say water helps to alleviate a headache so I’ll try that since I haven’t had as much as I need today. Maybe it’ll make my hunger pains lessen. I want to put off the next juice at least till 530 if I can. I don’t want to go to bed hungry if I can help it. Because that flat out sucks.

I’m not as pissy as I thought I’d be today. But tomorrow is another day, now isn’t it?

At 5:40 pm, I threw up my lunch. But on the upside, my head is less achey. Not sure if chills are a side effect of new juicing or if it’s because it’s freezing outside. All of me is warm except my hands. I think I’ll put on gloves.

I don’t know if this will help you or not but if you feel gross and you normally lay on your right side, try turning on left side. I’m not sure why but it helped me not throw up a second time. The nausea lessened a bit. And fyi, I did not drink any more juice. I think I made a mistake drinking the whole thing of juice I made for lunch. My stomach is just not used to it.

But am I giving up? No.

Day 2, so far – Jan 2

So I woke around 6am. Woke to an achey head and nausea. Haven’t thrown up. I decided not to have juice yet and as I write this during my lunch hour at 1259pm, I still haven’t had juice. I do not want to throw up again so I’m not hungry.

I’ve had water. I tried cold water and that hits my stomach like a bullet so I heated water and have had 2 mugs full so far. If I get hungry enough, I may make some apple jc or carrot jc. Not sure yet. I just don’t want to be sick again and at least the water is keeping me hydrated.

Feeling like a pile of poo. I don’t know how I’m working because my head is killing me and I’m fighting throwing up. I’m hot, then cold. I don’t think it’s the flu like everyone else seems to have right now. I believe it’s just a reaction and transition to the juice.

I’ve read that when you do a juice fast, you feel awful for days. I don’t recall feeling this way when I did a juice fast a few years ago for my whole 3.5 days.

Oh, and don’t expect support from your family and friends. I’ve already been told I will gain back the weight I’ve lost as soon as I get off the juicing plan. Thanks, y’all. I appreciate it. But actually, no I will not. I plan to eat a healthy balanced diet and if I gain a couple of pounds one week, I’ll juice or pull back from my food intake and not shovel it in like some people.

Anyone else doing a juice fast? Did you transition yourself before starting or go cold turkey?


And It Begins!

Oh yes, and so it begins! The #30daysofrawinsanity on New Years Day. Mama’s birthday. Happy Birthday, sweet New Year’s babe. Yes, I will be cooking that sweet potato casserole, bringing the sweet potato pie that Hallie and I had not finished and I made cinnamon crisps last night.

There will be juicy turkey, peas, cabbage, etc. – all the New Year’s traditional faves and eating rituals. Just not eaten by me.

Yup, I’m really doing this. You didn’t believe me, did you?

Yesterday was my feast, and pretty much every day before. I had my last Scholotsky’s chicken pesto pizza, pigged out on freshly baked cinnamon crisps, my last coffee, my last hot chai tea, my last bite of chocolate, hot cocoa with marshmallows late last night.

A few days before, the last bite of steak had been eaten. I took in the spicy flavor of my bloody mary with each delicious sip, along with the crispy bacon they added as one of the fabulous flavorful toppings.

I enjoyed all of it while it lasted.

So now, I have my juicer out of the box, and it is prepared for beating and grinding fruits and veggies into submission. I’m ready. I think. I’ll admit juicing for 30+ days is jumping off into the deep end and not knowing how to swim but it’s sink or swim, baby, and I’m doing this, no matter how hard it seems. And it seems.

If I don’t reach my weight and size goals by Jan 30, then I’ll continue the juice fast. That’s right. Living on veggie juice mostly with a small amount of fruit mixed in. And water.

Juice and water. This is my food for 30+ days.

That’s why I called it #30daysofrawinsanity – because it’s insane! I have to do it this way because, well… I suppose I’m a bit masochistic. And because I am weak. If I make it simple (or as simple as I can for a juicing regimen) and just live on 1-5 different juicing recipes and water, there’s no room to overeat or eat something bad for me in moderation. There is no moderation with me when it comes to anything with sugar.

So I’m keeping it simple and as easy as I can and I am going to get healthy, lose weight, feel amazing, gain more energy, have great looking skin and perhaps even heal my body from this sinusy-congestion crap I’ve been dealing with for 2+ years. I wanna be able to say, “Hey doctors! Suck it!”

We’ll see how lunch goes at Mama’s with all those juicy aromas floating through the house, the beautiful foods laid out like a smorgasbord of love and me with my glass of juice that looks like… well… less enticing, watching and listening to everyone chew and slurp on what I know will be delicious mouth-watering food. I promise to stay strong. Sorry for my run-on sentences. I’m getting a little carried away. But that’s what I do. I own it.

Wish me luck. With my juice. And my 30 days of what I’m hoping won’t be complete torture.

Oh, time to go cook. Great.

Good luck if you are doing the juice fast, or the raw vegan challenge (produce only). And Happy Green and Healthy New Year. I believe 2018 is gonna rock.


Two for the Price of One

Two poems for the price of one

Hope your holidays are filled with fun

Yesterday, I stayed on the run

It’s why I didn’t get my poem done


A little lame but today is all about relaxation. The calm before the storm. Went to our local co-op yesterday, as well as Whole Foods and Fresh Market. Stocked up on kale, carrots, celery, ginger root, lemons, apples, carrots, rose water, and I may go back before the 6th. Hopefully, this will last me Jan 1-6. We’ll see. Bought a juicer.

I have decided to do a juice fast. I want to make it as streamlined as possible and I’ve done my research on juice fasting and it does amazing things for the body. It’ll mostly be veggies, since that’s where most of our nutrients come from, and less sugar, so less fruit.

I suggest you do what’s best for you. Make salads. Do juice. Add juice. Do smoothies, smoothie bowls – whatever you feel is right for you. I will do juicing for at least the first 10 days. At that time, I will decide if I want to continue the juice fast for the 30+ days or if I want to add chewable veggies and fruit to the plan, plus nuts, seeds, other wholesome plant-based items.

I will probably add more variation to the veggies and fruits for juicing on the 6th. There are TONS of juicing recipes, free juicing recipe apps, so I have an ongoing list of ingredients. I did not want to buy out all the stores yesterday. They looked at me pretty funny as I was checking out – so many bunches of kale, several stalks of celery, carrots, cucumbers. I’m thinking I may need to get some coconuts and pineapple and make some pina-kale-adas for dessert or a sweet breakfast or lunch one day. For now, I’ll keep it simple. One or two different kinds of juice and water. Lots and lots of water.

I do remember another thing about my last 3.5-day juice fast. Each time I drank a glass of juice, my taste buds really woke up. They were super sensitive and the more juice I drank (even veggie juice), the sweeter it tasted, so I actually drank more water than juice, because the sweetness was overwhelming. That’s one thing about juicing, you will start to taste every nuance of your food.

So onward to the poem for today.


Vampire Tales

The night is dense with fog down the old unlit country road

Perfect atmosphere for vampires, no house or body showed

The Carpathian Mounts are full of them as the stories told

At dusk, all the townspeople locked up in their houses hold

The sun lowers, the night darkens, begins the bellows roll

Shrieking, gasping, moaning, shaken

Another person taken

Townfolk in unison chant peace be with their unlucky soul


Surely there’s no truth to this, he assumed so boldly

Sharp glaring eyes cut toward him coldly

Vampires are but a myth. They’re just telling scary stories

Something to bring in the tourists for pence and glory

Leaving the unwelcome place, more fog rolls in, he picks up the pace

Glowing red eyes, met with a haunting face

I’ll spare you the details – they’re pretty gory.



#30daysofrawinsanity coming up in 2 days

Why Am I Going Raw?

I’ve been thinking for the last couple of months of all the reasons why I want to go raw / do the plant-based diet / juicing plan.

My health for the last 2 years

For all my adult life (I’m 49), minus the past 2+ years, I’ve been the picture of health. Well, a bit overweight but in good health otherwise. The last 2 years, I’ve been struggling with congestion/phlegm/drainage/sinus/ silent reflux (I didn’t even know that was a thing. Did you?) and the constant clearing of my throat, which not only drives me berserk but everyone around me.

After 2+ years, I finally went to the doctor about it, because I was just DONE. Many of you know that I HATE doctors, for reasons I don’t care to disclose at this time, but I HATE them, and I’ve refused to go until a couple of months ago.

Since then, I’ve been to about 10 doctors and nurse practitioners and have tried about 10 different medications. Honestly, the meds have not helped. At all. If anything, I’m worse than I was.

Going off the meds

When I decided to start this January challenge (and it may go longer), I wanted to find out if I could truly heal my body. So, I’ve gone off all my medications, cold turkey (not like they were helping anyway). I’m not saying you need to do this. Consult your doctor before deciding to go off your meds. You might actually need them. I don’t take anything for blood pressure or any other illness, so it’s not life-threatening for me to get off my meds.

I want to like the skin I’m in

I’m not only doing this to heal myself. I want to feel better in my skin. I want to have healthier skin and hair and nails and teeth. Losing weight is a big deal and I want to get back to those single digits in jeans. I was so happy wearing a size 5 and I’d even be happy with a 6 or a 7, but I will get back to those single digits. I want to look amazing in clothes again. Heck, I want to look amazing buck naked again. I want to be able to wear a bikini and look fab in it if I so choose to wear a bikini or any swimsuit for that matter. Just…not right now.


I want longevity. I aim to live a long, healthy, vibrant and energetic lifestyle. Not to say I won’t enjoy the occasional cup o’ joe and a grilled burger, a nice plate of bacon and eggs for breakfast. Just not in January. And not until I reach my weight and size goals. If I get there by Jan 31, awesome! If I need to hang out with the spinach and sprouts until February, that’s fine too.

Energy – High on Life and Veggies

I want energy. I am sick and tired of feeling tired. I actually don’t feel bad at all. I don’t feel sick. It’s more a nuisance than anything. But I am really tired and I’m sick of that. All that I read about going to 100% raw veggies and juicing tells me that it fuels your body with energy, and I am all about THAT.

I will miss you, dear ones…

Yes, I will miss you, my dear hot chai tea, my delicious hot coffee, my sweet red wine, rosy rosé and you beautiful salty 8-yr aged cheddar, scrumptious steak with bluer than blue cheese crumbles, luscious lime margaritas, ¡Olé! breathtaking bacon, cheeky chicken piccata, CHOCOLATE – you hunk o’ chunk o’ burnin’ love, and the list goes on. Yes, I will have separation anxiety but I’ll be okay, eventually. Yes, I will most likely be a joy (NOT!) to live with during this insane adventure and I will have mad cravings, or just madness, in general. I will survive. And, hopefully, everyone around me will, too.  😀

Adding and Subtracting

I’m reading that it’s better to eat more raw veggies if you want to feel full compared to juicing. You slurp down that juice or that smoothie and POOF! It’s gone. Just like that. But with munching on crisp veg, it gives your jaws action and tells your brain you are chowing down and alerts your brain, saying Yo! You’re full. I’m pretty sure juicing is just going to leave me hungry for more. But everybody’s body is different and I may try just juicing for a week. It will be 80/20 veggies and fruit. I want to feel full and have less sugar, so that means more veggies. They are also more nutrient rich. I will be adding nuts, seeds, sprouts, natural fats likes avocados, etc., but all raw and organic. No added salt, no refined sugar except natural sugar from fruits. No caffeine, no meat, no dairy, no soy, no processed food, no canned food. I may try the occasional smoothie bowl. Did you know that was a thing?! I’m learning all sorts of new pieces of information.

Euphoria or what I like to call Day4ia

I actually did a juice fast a few years ago for 3.5 days. My experience was phenomenal and why I haven’t done it since I have no idea, but, let me tell you, my cravings and growling tummy quieted on day 3. That third night was the best sleep of my entire life! I laid down. I was out. I did not move one inch the entire night and woke in the position I laid down. I entered a state of euphoria on day 4 (I call Day-4-ia). I was on cloud 9 and no one could knock me off. Oh, they tried. I worked for attorneys back then if that tells you anything. Not even they could knock me off my Day4ia.

And then I got stupid.

Day 4 and this firm always had shmancy lunches, little kitchen parties, caterers, the works. I walk into the lounge and what to my wandering eyes should appear but pastries, mimosas, cheese plates, meatballs – everything but the beer. Which is good because beer’s gross. Needless to say, I caved. No more juice fast. It’s not like I planned to go 7 days or anything, but still. I was weak.

I’m a believa!

January, I will be anything but weak. I will be brave. I will be strong. Resilient. Courageous. I will face my demons (food, wine, sugar) and say NOPE. Bye. You do not have power over me. I have power over me. I am going to feel amazing, no thanks to you.

I got this. Who’s with me?!


Prep – Four More Days Till Eating Green

Four more days until I’m eating green

I’m ready to get my system clean

Can you tell I’m excited?

You should know you’re invited

To join the rest of us in healthy eating

Every day of January+, we’ll be meeting

Here on the blog to comment along the way

Ask questions, jump in, share your story, okay?

100% raw veggies and juicing is new to me

I’ll do my best, maybe video, maybe post a recipe

Going cold turkey from being a junk food junky

Ready to get clean and lean and subtract the chunky


Prep @ Home & Whole Foods or Natural Co-op

Ready to get healthy with me?

Join us here Dec 29 or 30

Going to prep with the grocery list for week Jan 1-6

FYI, 3-4 days left to get that caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy fix